Switch your bank account within 5 minutes and inform all your payment partners automatically

Automated identification of your payment partners, automated notification and acceptance of more than 95 percent

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Inform all types of payment partners

SwitchAGENT takes care of the identification of your payment partners and informs direct debit companies, employers and others. You don´t need to do anything else!

Direct debits

Inform payment partners for all catogeries. For example: Telecommunication, Insurances, Energy supplier or several E-Services.


Inform regular payers like employers, Social Welfare Services or other creditors.

Online payment partners

We help you to update your new bank details for payment partners like music streaming providers or e-mobility services.

Standing orders

Easily adapt your standing orders to your new bank details for paying regular payments like rents for houses.

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How it works

Step 1 – Self-Registration

Launch directly via website or mobile device and follow the easily structured registration process.

Step 2 – Login to your old bank account

Request your transaction list via PSD2-Call within minutes.
Easily fill in the sort code and log in to your prior bank account.

account switching service

Step 3 – Select your payment partners

Direct debits (known and unknown debits), Credits (regular and other credits) and other issuers (e.g. online payment partners).

Step 4 – Voilá!

All of your payment partners have been selected successfully and notified. To increase acceptance, sign comfortably by mouse or cell phone.

Thank you

Start your free account switch right now!

Use the online account switching service now and make your bank switch quickly and easily. And this is how the online account switching service works:

  • Automatic identification of payment partners
  • Automatic notification of payment partners
  • Online monitoring of the process

SwitchAGENT is here for you!

A lot of benefits for you – complete compatibility

Our service is full of benefits for you! It´s free, done within 5 minutes and usable on every device. Easily switch your account via laptop, tablet or your mobile device and inform all your payment partners about your new bank details.

Easy account switching within 5 minutes. The service is free of charge as well as the notification letters to your payment partners.

95% acceptance: payment partners will use your new account without interrupting your payment orders. Avoid problems with direct debits or credit transfers. Just follow the easily structured process and use your new account without any trouble.

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